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 Frank and Edness Escalle, Circa 1927

Jimmy Escalle at his home outside of Earlimart, California, 1936

Jimmy (on the left), with his younger brother, Bobby, on the front porch of their home in Earlimart, California, 1943

Jim and his tent mates at Lackland AFB, 1951. Jim is in the first row, second from right.

Some of the Aviation Cadets from Squadron III at Columbus AFB, 1952. Front row: Joe Dickerson, Dale Lewis, Ed Stephens. Back row: Charles Hopkins, Ted Clay, Jim Escalle

Jim's training flight at Columbus AFB. From left: Lt. Sam Sifers, A/C Dale Lewis, Mr. Joe Cunningham (instructor), Lt. Martin Swanson, A/C Jim Escalle

Jim's flight group during the T-28 phase of advanced training at Webb AFB. From left: A/C Jim Escalle, 1st Lt. Robert Houlahan (instructor), 1st Lt. John Gallagher, A/C John Fletcher, A/C Joe Dickerson

Jim standing next to a T-28A at Webb AFB, 1952

 Aviation Cadets Jim Escalle and Glen Croshaw next to a T-33 jet trainer at Webb AFB, 1952

 Jim is giving a fellow student pilot some advice on handling a T-33.

Aviation Cadet Jimmy L. Escalle, Webb AFB -- Class 52-F

Second Lieutenant Jimmy L. Escalle

 Jim is standing next to the car he rode in as grand marshal of the 1952 Wine and Harvest Festival parade in Delano, California.

One of the instructors at Nellis AFB surrounded by Lieutenants Jim Setterberg, Chuck Perret, and Jim Escalle, fall 1952

Jim next to an F-80C at Nellis AFB, 1952

2nd Lt. Jim Escalle on the wing of an F-86 Sabre at Nellis AFB, 1952

The Flying Fiends sign over the 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron operations building at K-13 (Suwon), 1953. Photo credit: Paul Gushwa

The pilots of the 36th FBS, April 1953. First row: Bob Noel, Herman Grammer, Bill Stacy, Jim James, Jim Escalle, Jack Senneff, Fick Henderson, Charlie Cox, Lou Reilly. Second row: Tom Owen, (?) Davis, Maj. Al Boychuck, Capt. Bill Garvey, Capt. Jack Magee, Maj. Cal Owens, Lt. Col. James Gray, Maj. Darvin Trout, Capt. Robert Andrus, Gene Crackel, Capt. Chuck Wilson. Third row: Capt. (?) King, Kent Dodge, Chuck McCollister, Raoul Mouton, Albert Hamilton, Bob Green, Lloyd Irish, Jim Kennedy, Paul Gushwa, Bill Demint, Flt. Lt. Ian Gordon-Johnson (RAF). Fourth row: Jack Cook, John Mayers, Bill Sternhagen, Jack Mayo, Jack Taylor, Stan Sclaroff, Torr Harmer, Bill LeMaster, Jim O'Connell, Rex Van Camp

 Jim next to the door of his flight's Quonset hut at K-13, March 1953

Jim and his flight leader, Capt. Jack Magee, April 1953

Flt. Lt. Ian Gordon-Johnson and 2nd Lt. Jim Escalle returning to Ops after a combat mission, June 1953. Herman Grammer is seated reading a newspaper. Photo credit: Fick Henderson

2nd Lt. Jim Escalle of Mike Flight standing in the "backyard" of the Quonset area

F-86F Sabres of the 36th FBS on the flight line at K-13 (Suwon), spring 1953. Photo credit: Kermit Keeley

Jim sitting in his F-86F Sabre at K-13, April 1953

The Georgia Peach was the F-86F Sabre that Jim was flying when he was reported missing in action on June 19, 1953. Photo credit: USAF

The Western Union telegram that Jim's father received a day after Jim was reported missing